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Ornamental Ola Leaf Packing

Name of Borrower: E. H. Malani Ranatunga
Address: Kandegedara, Maharachchimulla
Branch: Narammala
Centre: Damsara

Ms. Malani joined Lak Jaya 2014 for improving her business of producing ornamental tea packsn which she had started 35 years ago with the assistance from Dambadeni Development Foundation. The foundation gave technical training in various self-employment projects. Tea packs are produced using processed tender Ola leaf (Leaves of Talipot palm tree). These containers are also used as wedding cake boxes as well. She was running this business in small scale, with monthly net income of around Rs. 10,000/.  With financial assistance from Lak Jaya she has expanded her business by increasing the working capital and presently earning a profit around Rs. 30,000/ per month.  With the expansion of business she started hiring additional hands and at present there are four persons employed in the business and her products have entered the export market as well.

There were many problems faced by her during these long years.  The most difficult problem was the supply of raw materials and transport of raw materials and finished products. She was able to survive the project with the help from family members. With continuous financial assistance from Lak Jaya she expects to expand the project and she expects that Lak Jaya will stand by her in this endeavor.