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Ornamental Ola Leaf Packing

Name M. P. Sumithra
Address: Thiththagolla Road, Koswadeniya, Mahawewa
Project: Batik Garment Production
Branch: Naththandiya

With the experience in Batik Industry gained by assisting the husband in Batik production, Sumithra started her own Batik garment production in her house in 2008. As several chemicals are used in Batik Production there was objection from the neighbours for her project. On the instructions from the Public Health Instructor she shifted the project to a workshop in separate small building constructed by using the loan of Rs. 15,000/ received from Lak Jaya in late 2008. She continued to borrow from Lak Jaya and the funds were used to gradually expand the project. With the second loan of Rs. 25,000/ she bought 4 worktables for the workshop. The third loan of Rs. 40, 000 was used for increasing the volume of production by buying more clothes and the fourth loan of Rs. 60,000/ was used to expand the workshop premises. The fifth loan of Rs.80,000/ was used to buy more materials for increased production. The sixth loan of Rs. 80,000/ was used by her for construction of a store room for the production and with the seventh loan of Rs. 90,000/ she bought a motorbike for transport of her products. The current loan of Rs. 90,000/ is also used for buying more materials to meet the increasing demand for her products. Over the period she had created employment opportunities for 5 women in the area while the value of the project increased to around Rs. 800,000/. Though she faced immense difficulties in the beginning even to pay the wages for hired persons, presently she is earning around Rs. 250,000/ per month. Her husband also works hard for making their business a success. She is grateful to Lak Jaya for continued assistance throughout her journey. She expects to further expand the project in future because she has developed a good market for her products.