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Ornamental Ola Leaf Packing

Name Ahangama Liyana Arachchige Eranga
Address: Weligama
Project: Garment Production
Branch: Weligama

Eranga who worked as a helper in a tailoring shop in her area, after her schooling, started to work as an employee of a large garment factory in Weligama. With the work experience of about four years in the garment factory she thought of starting her own business. She approached the Lak Jaya branch in the area and with her first loan of Rs.25,000/ supplemented with her savings bought a sewing machine and material for her small project. She faced enormous difficulties in selling her products in the beginning. She took samples from shop to shop in Matara and Colombo. Gradually she managed to get orders from the shops by producing the fashions of garments in heavy demand. Apart from selling the products, she had to overcome many problems in her journey. In the beginning, as she had only one machine, she was compelled to work for more than 14 hours a day to meet the demand. Also there were rejections by the shop very often even for a very minor defect while experiencing long delays in getting payments. She had to work very hard just to survive the project, yet she did not give up though there weren’t much profit. She got further loans from Lak Jaya which was invested in buying more machines and stocks of cloth materials. In the beginning production was transported by train and bus to the shops. She had to incur some losses when she was unable to deliver them on time due to transport problems. With the expansion of business she was able to buy a trishaw for this purpose.

There was a lot support from parents and the brother and sister for her business. Especially, the brother took trouble to take finished products to shops while mother and the sister helped in sewing the garments. As at present the business has expanded considerably and there are 9 hired workers in the business. With the expansion of the business, she has been able to secure a bigger mortgage loan from a bank for construction of a new building. She is having plans to buy a bigger vehicle for transport of products to many markets more efficiently.