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Vehicle Tinkering and Painting

Name of Borrower: Karannagodage Chandra Malkanthi
Address: No. 137/3, Makumbura. Pannipitiya
Branch: Kesbewa
Centre: Rana Mayura


Ms. Chandra Malkanthi joined Lak Jaya small loan scheme in 2010 by obtaining loan facilities for expanding her husband’s tinkering and painting business. Her husband had followed a training programme on vehicle tinkering at German Technological Institute. They started the business at their half finished house and were earning around Rs. 7,000/ per month. She used her first loan of Rs.15,000/ plus Rs. 10,000/ of her own savings for constructing a shelter for the vehicles brought for tinkering and painting.  Since then she continued with repeat loans and presently she is on her 6 th loan of Rs.100,000/. They have expanded their business steadily over the past six years and presently they are making around Rs.80,000/ profit from the business. They have provided employment opportunities to 3 persons, in the process. Their workshop is popular in the area and they have no problem in attracting vehicle sufficient clients. In a day at least 5-6 vehicles come for repairs at their workshop. Their plan is to open another vehicle repair shop in a different location. The problem he is facing is the shortage of skilled workers for expansion of the business.