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Provide Micro Finance loans to the Un-Bankable Entrepreneurs

Loan Programs – Products

General Loan
Small Enterprise Loans

General Loan

  • General Loans are typical micro loans granted to village level micro and small clients to undertake or expand their existing businesses.
  • General loans are disbursed at village level and collected on weekly basis.
  • General loan starts from Rs. 25,000 for new clients for a period of one year.

Small Enterprise Loans

  • SME loans are granted to clients to expand small businesses which are being facilitated under General Loan scheme, but exceed the limit allowed under that loan scheme.
  • Special attention will be paid to promoting green technology products such as solar lantern for fishing boats, solar try cycles etc.
  • These loans are disbursed at village level and collected on weekly basis.


Branch Entrance


Branch Manaager explaining the terms and conditions of loans to a customer


Branch staff helping customer with documentation


Credit officers at a center collecting weekly recoveries


Branch manager distributing a loan


Various training programmes are carried out for Lak Jaya staff and for customers;


AMBS System training for Credit Officers

AMBS System training for Credit Officers and Management Assistants

For Branch Managers and Credit Officers

For Customers

Risk Management

  • Preventive Measures
  • Curative Measures
  • Default Measures

Methodology (ASA)

  • New Trends in the fields
  • Concept (Micro Finance)
  • Centre Management
  • Customer behavior
  • Responsibilities of Centre Leader.
  • Business related training.